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Create a chatbot with deep knowledge of your private data in just minutes.

How it works

Start chatting with your personalized bot in just minutes.

Create your bot

Every chatbot will be specifically trained on your data.

Add knowledge

Upload or connect as many knowledge sources as you want to train your bot.

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Start chatting

Your bot will instantly be available to answer questions on the web or in your company Slack.

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Knowledge management

Index everything

A flexible architecture for your knowledge sources that fits the reality of modern companies.

Connect multiple sources.
Your knowledge base can be built from as many sources as you want. Your bot will automatically choose the best source it can find.
Ingest complete sites automatically.
We've got built-in tools to ingest from common knowledge platforms like websites, Confluence, Github, and Slack, with more coming soon!
Upload the rest.
For anything that's not supported, you can upload a PDF or text file, allowing you to index anything that can be exported.
Knowledge Sources

“I saw Scriv so often in the Slack channels and the quality of Scriv's responses was so high, my first question I just @mentioned Scriv thinking it was a real person. It was only when I got an instant response did I realize it was a bot.”

Michael Stajer
Scriv workspace user

The chatbots

Better chatbots

Your chatbots are built for you, and integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows.

Chat where you are.
Your team can chat with the bot right in your company Slack, or use our web app. More integrations are on the way.
Source citations.
Your bot will cite its sources, letting you check its accuracy, and giving your team the resources to dig deeper on topics.
Private first.
Chats with the bot are private, and only members of your team can access the bot. Your knowledge base is never used to train GPT.
Slack bot

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